Discovery Calls

Discovery Calls
Discovery Calls
Discovery Calls

We understand you may want to know a bit more before becoming a Kismet Health patient.

As we want you to be totally at ease, we offer a Discovery Call to answer any questions you may have when considering an initial consultation with one of our practitioners.

During your Discovery Call we will:

  • have a brief discussion about your health concerns and goals
  • establish if we can help you with your particular health concern and who might be the best practitioner for you
  • assess which strategy would be the most helpful e.g. a 1:1 consultation, Kismet program or other option
  • address any questions you may have about us and our practice
  • point you in the right direction if we are unable to help you.

(Disclaimer: specific or detailed advice about your health or prescriptions will not be provided during the Discovery Call. It is a general discussion and opportunity for you to ask questions prior to booking an initial consultation.)

Following booking your Discovery Call, we will call you at the designated time using the phone number provided by you at the time of booking.

We can’t wait to speak with you to see how we can best help you and address your health concerns – we are here to help you whether you’re healthy and well, and looking to boost your health and improve longevity, or you’re struggling with unresolved, chronic health conditions.

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