Nurture + Reset



Experience the best natural way to change your current health direction and start improving your health. Nurture + Reset will be full of practical information and support to put you on the right path and get you to the level of health you desire. 

Program inclusions:

  • Individual consults x 2
  • Meal plans – breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks
  • Weekly handouts
  • Online chats & group support
  • At home yoga & meditation sessions
  • Kismet products to support your participation

The benefits of this program include discovering what a wholesome, healthy diet really looks like, as well as gaining increased energy, better sleep and improved clarity through nurturing your body. You will learn ways to reduce unwanted digestive symptoms and stress. Participation will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and truly healthy

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Events at Kismet

Our community is an engaging and welcoming group of people who share a common goal – to look after their health, naturally.

We provide webinars and workshops which help our community to achieve their goals. Information delivered is practical, current and useful and presented by qualified and experienced naturopaths. And it’s all focused on supporting you and your health.

We’d love you to join us at our next event.

Pop back in here from time to time and see what’s coming up.

A Retreat with a Difference


Full details will be provided here soon but, for now, keep an eye out on our socials in the coming weeks for the announcement.

This will be an extraordinary event you will not want to miss.



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