Men’s Health

We sometimes have far too much to think about and this whole health thing becomes a bit complex, especially with the ever-increasing amount of research to keep track of. If you feel like this, here is a cheat sheet just for you to see if you are on track. The aim is to be well-balanced men so we are calm, considered, have courage, are measured in our decision-making and inclusive.

Your health is a reflection of the standards you hold for yourself. If your health is not where you would like it to be, the choice is yours regarding change. The powerful thing is that any change, no matter how small, compounds over time into lasting change. Start today towards a healthier version of yourself!


The Four Pillars of Health


– Establish a good sleep pattern and get to bed at a consistent time—our body loves routine.
– Aim to get to bed before 10 pm where possible. The hours before midnight are vital.
– Unplug from devices and screen time three hours before bed.


– Include more wholefoods—focus on fresh!
– Limit the consumption of the ‘displacing foods of modern commerce’ (sugar, flour and tinned, frozen and sweetened foods).
– Be actively involved in the food preparation.



– Undertake physical activities which you enjoy doing.
– Make physical movement part of your regular routine—things that are ‘must dos’ get done.
– Listen to your body for the best type of exercise for you.


– Have some people in your close network who you can call on for support at short notice.
– Be an active member in your local community (volunteer).
– Express your kindness without any expectations.


Written by Phillip Chua, Naturopath