Breakfast – Change the trend

The food we eat for breakfast and how we eat it can have a significant effect on how we feel for the rest of the day.

For our grandparents, a cooked breakfast was the norm, but this trend has changed over the last couple of generations with many of us now opting towards a more ‘grab and go’ type breakfast focused on convenience. This switch has been driven by a couple of factors.

Daily food routines

We tend to slow down and have larger meals when we have the time to cook and enjoy them. For most households, this is after our regular workday has finished and has led to dinner being the largest meal of the day.

When we get into any health pattern we must stop and consider if it serves our health. Having our largest meal towards the end of the day affects other areas of our health. We suffer with the amount of energy we have during the day (which is lower as there is less fuel available for us), our sleep quality is not as good as it could be (as our digestion is working when it would ideally be resting) and we have a tendency towards weight gain.

Did you know that it is not written anywhere that you must have cereal or toast for breakfast? Some of the cereals on the market might even be the worst thing you could have!

Dual income households

Our grandparents are largely the last generation to commonly have one person stay at home. Now it is much more commonplace for both people in a relationship to be working, meaning our priorities have shifted. Many of us are often in a rush to get out the door in the morning, not realising the importance of fuelling our body for the day.

When we eat a great breakfast, our blood sugar levels are more balanced throughout the rest of the day. This means we are better able to be emotionally balanced and make better food choices.

Here are three simple things to look for when it comes to breakfast:

minimal refined foods (keep sugars to a minimum and consume less packaged foods where possible)

add some protein (this can be from eggs, nuts and seeds or even animal sources)

sneak in some vegetables (With nearly 70 per cent of the population not even getting to five veg and two fruit daily, getting some plant matter in early is a great way to start the day with a win on the board.).

Ensuring we have enough of the right food in the morning and eating slowly to assist our digestion will give us the best start to our day.

Feel better and live healthier, starting with a good, wholesome breakfast.


Written by Phil Chua
BHSc Naturopathy

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