Ross River Virus – Naturopathic Care

It was recently reported that there has been 50 plus cases of RRV in North East Victoria, I have been asked by a couple of local people about natural treatment options so here is a post with some information.

Yes, Naturopaths can help!

Ross River Virus affects the immune system, causing joint pain, fevers and rashes. There are many different treatment options that we use to help reduce pain and support your immune. Some of these include vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, probiotics (because 70% of our immune system exists in our gut) along with herbal medicine mixtures targeted to the immune system such as Echinacea, Andrographis, St Johns Wort and Astragalus along with anti-inflammatory herbs such as Curcumin and Boswellia.

RRV tends to hibernate and this is why focusing on and creating long-term healthy lifestyles is so important to properly manage the condition. When the immune system is lowered for example as we enter winter and people start to get colds it is likely that people who have had RRV previously with have flare ups, this can however be prevented by building healthy immune systems.

Also as a side note – the common recommendation is anti-inflammatory drugs. This is however a concern as these medications can cause gut issues which then affects the immune system, therefore creating a vicious cycle. Lets treat the issue, not create more!

This is also an important reminder to prevent getting the virus by wearing appropriate clothing, using repellent and if your immune system is low then consider making it stronger by booking an appointment here.


Karly Fisher (BHSc)

Naturopath & Nutritionist