Why it’s important to take a break

I am currently writing this blog in bed at a beautiful lakeside apartment in Daylesford, enjoying a cup of tea and taking a break. 

Every three to six months I take a break and have found it’s one of the best ways for me to stay healthy. 

Ask yourself this now. ‘How often do I say, “I am so busy”, “I feel exhausted”, “I feel stressed”’? For many people, this is said daily. I hear clients saying this all the time in my consultation room. And I can relate to it. I also say these things, I feel these emotions and sometimes I also feel the physical signs in my body. I get tight muscles, headaches, muscle cramps, period pain, racing heart, bloating—maybe you can also relate to these physical symptoms? 

As a naturopath, I know numerous ways to help sore muscles, headaches, muscle cramps, period pain, racing heart and bloating. I’m nowhere near perfect but I do make some very healthy lifestyle choices to better my health. I choose to eat well, I make sure I drink enough water, I move my body, I get a good night’s sleep – hell, I even choose to live in the country to better my health! BUT, when stress and busyness start to take over, these lifestyle choices start to fall away. Stress is inevitable; we live in a world where we are exposed to more stress than ever before. Bright lights, technology, the news, unrealistic work deadlines, social media, relationships, the never ending to do list. So, if stress is inevitable, we need to make a conscious decision to change the way we react to it and how we deal with it. I believe it all comes down to having a full cup in the first instance. 

If we are constantly ‘running on empty’, it makes reacting to and dealing with stress SO much harder. We also have less energy to think clearly and have more pain in areas of our body, making it harder to get things done, which causes more stress. 

It’s time to take a break. Do something you wouldn’t normally do, go somewhere you haven’t been before. Think about your life from a different perspective. Rather than trying to see it when you are so stuck in it, try to view your life from the top of the hill looking back down on it. 

“Life is so different when you take a break. It allows you to fill up that cup”. 


Every time I go away my life changes a little. I give myself permission to slow down and check in with myself and my husband when he comes along too. We always learn something new about each other, we gain a better understanding about where we are at and what we are working towards. When we allow ourselves space away from our daily routine and the things we are conditioned to doing, we become a little bit more of who we really are and who we really want to be. 

At the end of the break, I am still Karly, the naturopath, wife, friend, daughter, business owner. But I am so much more after I take a break. I am present, I am free, I am gentle, I am creative, I am full, and I am more ‘me’. 

When was the last time you took a break? How full is your cup? I encourage you to book some accommodation or maybe even some flights and take a break! 

Karly x