It’s time to get REAL!

We expect everything right now.

We live in a world where everything is so available, commonly at the click of a button, with a tap of your card or by a quick Google search. Instant gratification is here; it’s so 2019 and I am not sure it is going anywhere any time soon.

Technological advances are great and often needed. But how are they really affecting us?

I am a naturopath who works one on one with clients. I hear from people all the time that they want their health to be better. What I also hear is that they want it to happen quickly, often asking for a pill for their ill, wanting the easiest path possible.

And this is where instant gratification is becoming a problem.

Often a disease or set of symptoms has come about over several months or sometimes even years. I see clients who have had constipation for ten years, an autoimmune condition for 5 years or eczema on and off since birth.

I’m not sure we are all really willing to put the work in, change habits and change our way of living to get healthy. Well, not with our currently mindsets we aren’t anyway.

Health resolution takes time. Even if you do take a pill or natural supplement that reduces your symptoms and makes you feel like it has been resolved, in reality, when you stop taking that pill, your problem will come back. And perhaps worse and with more symptoms or another disease along with it due to the common side effects.

 It’s time to get real. 

Now is the time to give yourself the TIME you need to heal, TIME to create good habits, TIME to change your life.

So, let’s talk about what it takes to change your health. I believe so strongly in the four pillars of health – good diet, good sleep, low stress, movement for your body. I believe you need to create good habits in ALL four pillars to create better health.

So, how do we create good habits?

You start. You start somewhere. Often, I help clients identify the pillar of health that needs the most work to start with. Having a healthy life is about developing good habits. So, what is a habit?

A habit is a series of three things:

1) a cue

2) an action

3) a reward

A cue is a trigger for you. It triggers your brain that it’s time to start the action. Then you will take an action based on that cue (eventually totally unconsciously, by the way) and, when you take action, there will be some type of reward.

Let’s look at something as simple as drinking water. If you have a glass on the bench full of water and a full water bottle on you at all times, this becomes your cue. You are more likely to take action when you have that visual cue and, when you do, you no longer have headaches, sore muscles and a foggy mind—the reward.

Did you know it can take up to 30 days to turn a habit into a conscious thing you do?I admit it can be difficult to make change; often our bad choices are easier than the good ones. However, once you do create new habits, they will become natural to you. You just have to put in some effort to get to that point.

Whatever you are trying to achieve at the moment, there are so many ways you can really take ownership of that one thing. You can do it one day at a time and establish the consistency you need.

One more thing before I leave you to change some habits.

Let go of all the expectations, the labels, the diagnosis. It is time to get real. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what DNA you have, what you have been diagnosed with. What matters is what you are willing to REALLY do to make a change.

It will not happen overnight, it will not happen by taking a pill every day.

It will happen if you are willing to create healthy habits and put in the TIME it’s going to take to really HEAL you.

Big love, Karly x


Written by Karly Fisher.
BHSc Naturopathy