The Importance of DNA Testing as Part of Pre-conception Care

Australia’s growing epidemic

Issues with fertility and conception are increasing in Australia, as are the number of couples utilising IVF and assisted fertility treatments. Sadly, IVF isn’t always successful because it isn’t just fertilisation and implantation that are the issue. For many couples, the quality of the sperm and ovum isn’t always optimal and issues with blood supply and nutrient delivery to the growing foetus may be impaired. This could help to clarify why some women experience unexplained recurrent miscarriage.

Nutrition is often the missing link

Nutrigenomics profiling can help couples identify potential issues and provide powerful, individualised nutritional support to improve their chances of having a healthy pregnancy, birth and, most importantly, a healthy baby at the end.

What does the test cover?

It is recommended that individuals complete a full genomic profile that includes the following:

Nutrigenomics (individual nutrient requirements e.g. Vitamin D, B12, etc.)

Methylation (e.g. MTHFR) and liver detoxification

Hormones and fertility.

It’s not just all about MTHFR

The MTHFR (the gene that provides instructions for making the methyl enzyme) genetic variant has received a lot of attention and exposure in the last few years. The reality is it’s only one gene (yes, an important one) in a pathway involving many genes. For example, we find that many women require more choline to support their methylation pathway (and hence fertility and conception) yet this important nutrient is rarely considered.

DNA testing is just one small part of the picture

Nutrigenomics (or DNA) testing is important, however it is essential to consider these results alongside any pathology testing, presenting symptoms and your full case history.

Further reading

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the science of genetics, nutrients involved in fertility and conception and the benefits of DNA testing, here’s some recommended reading:


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Written by Denise Berry
Naturopath (BHSc)

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